Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Suspect: Robert Mann (1835-1896)

A fellow in England has identified a new possible Ripper suspect: Robert Mann, a 53-year old inmate at the Whitechapel Workhouse and who was at the Old Montague Street mortuary the morning of August 31, 1888 when the body of Polly Nichols was brought in. He undressed and examined the body. His testimony was of questionable value, and it was noted during Nichols' inquest that Mann was subject to fits (an epileptic?). Despite what is stated in Trow's research, Mann claimed to not remember if he was told not to touch the body; he likewise was unsure whether the police were present or not.


  1. He sounds a bit too ditzy to have pulled off the "unsolvable" crime. Creepy dude, though.

  2. Personally, I don't believe so either. He was 53 at the time, and the several witnesses who saw Jack (a lot of people don't necessarily realize that we know what he supposedly looked like) saw a guy who was probably 25-30.